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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1164 playlist up with 49707 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-07-23Fuck the FactsTaken from the NestStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
2. 2018-07-16Fuck the FactsWhat's Left BehindStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
3. 2018-03-05Fuck the FactsCarve Your Heart OutStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
4. 2017-10-23Fuck the FactsNo One Remembered Who StartedCollection of Splits 2002-2004Galy Records
5. 2015-11-30FUCK THE FACTS07_FUCK THE FACTS-Storm of SilenceDesire Will RotNoise Salvation
6. 2015-07-13Fuck the FactsEverywhere Yet NowhereDesire Will RotNoise Salvation
7. 2015-07-06Fuck the FactsThe Path Pf Most ResistanceDesire Will Rotrelapse
8. 2015-06-22Fuck the FactsPreyDesire Will RotNoise Salvation
9. 2015-01-05Fuck the FactsThis Means NothingCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
10. 2013-01-21Fuck The Factscarve your heart outStigmata High-Fiverelapse
11. 2012-12-17Fuck The FactsLa Dermier ImageVarious Artists: Relapse Contamination Tour 2006relapse
12. 2012-04-16Fuck the FactsCarve Your Heart OutStigmata High-Fiverelapse
13. 2012-01-30Fuck the FactsDriftDie Miserablerelapse
14. 2011-11-28Fuck the FactsDriftDie Miserablerelapse
15. 2011-10-17Fuck the FactsCensus BankDie Miserablerelapse
16. 2011-10-10Fuck the FactsAloneDie Miserablerelapse
17. 2011-09-26Fuck the FactsLifelessDie Miserablerelapse
18. 2008-10-27Fuck the Factsthe StormDisgorge Mexicorelapse
19. 2008-10-06Fuck the FactsBordersDisgorge Mexicorelapse
20. 2008-09-29Fuck the FactsState of PanicDisgorge Mexicorelapse
21. 2008-09-01Fuck the FactsApathy is a Karma KillerDisgorge Mexicorelapse
22. 2008-08-25Fuck the FactsAs Empires Expand and CollapseDisgorge Mexicorelapse
23. 2008-08-18Fuck the FactsBordersDisgorge Mexicorelapse
24. 2008-08-11Fuck the FactsAbsence and DespiteDisgorge Mexicorelapse
25. 2008-08-04Fuck the FactsState of PanicDisgorge Mexicorelapse
26. 2008-07-21Fuck the Factsthe StormDisgorge Mexicorelapse
27. 2007-07-09Fuck the FactsSecret AsianCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
28. 2007-07-02Fuck the Factsla tete hors de l eauCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
29. 2007-06-18Fuck the Factsthis means nothingCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
30. 2007-06-11Fuck the FactsAnother living night
31. 2007-06-04Fuck the Factsterminal skulletCollection of Splits 2002-2004galy
32. 2007-05-28Fuck the Factsdevestator
33. 2007-05-21Fuck the Factstaken from the nest
34. 2007-05-14Fuck the Factsthe sound of your smashed head
35. 2006-10-09Fuck the Factscarve your heart out
36. 2006-09-18Fuck the Factswhat's left behind
37. 2006-09-11Fuck the Factstaken from the nest
38. 2006-09-04Fuck the Factsthe sound of your smashed head
39. 2006-08-28Fuck the Factscarve your heart out
40. 2006-08-21Fuck the Factsla derniere image
41. 2006-08-14Fuck the Factstaken from the nest
42. 2006-07-17Fuck the Factswhat's let behind
43. 2006-07-10Fuck the Factscarve your heart out
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