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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1133 playlist up with 48353 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-04-22Deeds of FleshI Die on My Own TermsPath of the WeakeningUnique Leader Records
2. 2018-12-10Deeds Of FleshSummarily KilledPath of the Weakeningunique_leader
3. 2018-12-03Deeds of FleshInfecting Them with FalsehoodInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
4. 2018-07-23Deeds of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
5. 2018-05-07Deeds of FleshFeeding TimeInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
6. 2017-05-01Deeds of FleshInfested Beneath the EarthReduced to AshesUnique Leader Records
7. 2016-09-05Deeds of FleshCanvas of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
8. 2015-06-01Deeds of FleshHollow Human HusksPortals To Canaanunique_leader
9. 2014-08-18Deeds of FleshInfect them with FalsehoodInbreeding The Anthropophagiunique_leader
10. 2014-04-07Deeds of FleshInfecting them with FalsehoodInbreeding The Anthropophagiunique_leader
11. 2014-03-31Deeds of FleshA Violent GodPath of the Wakeningunique_leader
12. 2014-03-24Deeds of FleshFly ShrineInbreeding The Anthropophagiunique_leader
13. 2013-10-14Deeds of FleshCelesial SerpentsPortals To Canaanunique_leader
14. 2013-08-12Deeds of FleshRise Of The Virum JuggernautPortals To Canaanunique_leader
15. 2013-08-05Deeds of FleshXeno-VirusPortals To Canaanunique_leader
16. 2013-07-15Deeds Of FleshEntranced In Decades Of Psychedelic SleepPortals To Canaanunique_leader
17. 2013-07-01Deeds Of FleshSound of Loud reignsPath of the Wakeningunique_leader
18. 2013-06-24Deeds Of FleshImpious OfferingTrading Piecesunique_leader
19. 2012-06-25Deeds of FleshCanvas of FleshInbreeding The Anthropophagiunique_leader
20. 2011-05-09Deeds of FleshSummarily KilledPath of the Wakeningunique_leader
21. 2010-08-02Deeds of FleshExecute Theh AthropophagiPath of the Wakeningunique_leader
22. 2009-02-09Deeds of FleshHuman TrophiesReduced to Ashesunique_leader
23. 2007-08-13Deeds of FleshSound of Loud reignsPath of the Wakeningunique_leader
24. 2007-04-23Deeds of Fleshi die on my own terms
25. 2007-01-01deeds of fleshfeeding time
26. 2006-12-25deeds of fleshinfested beneath the earth
27. 2005-10-10deeds of fleshcanvas of flesh
28. 2005-01-10deeds of fleshend of all
29. 2004-11-22deeds of fleshlustmord
30. 2003-10-20deeds of flesh3 minute crawl place
31. 2003-10-13deeds of fleshinbreeding the anthropophagi
32. 2003-08-26Deeds of Fleshinfested beneath the earth
33. 2003-08-19Deeds of fleshInfested Depraved
34. 2003-08-12Deeds of Fleshavowed depraved
35. 2003-08-05Deeds of FleshInfested Beneath the Earth
36. 2003-07-29deeds of fleshreduced to ashes
37. 2003-07-22Deeds of FleshEmpyrean
38. 2003-07-15Deeds of FleshBanished
39. 2003-07-08Deeds of FleshUterocasket (live)
40. 2003-01-14Deeds of FleshSummarily Killed
41. 2002-10-08Deeds of FleshSound of Loud reigns
42. 2002-08-27Deeds of Fleshgradually melted
43. 2002-06-18Deeds of FleshCanvas of Flesh
44. 2002-05-28Deeds of FleshCradually melted
45. 2002-04-02Deeds of Fleshsummarily killed
46. 2001-12-04Deeds of FleshFeeling Metal Through Flesh
47. 2001-09-25Deeds of FleshSound of Loud reigns
48. 2001-08-21Deeds of FleshInbreeding the Anthorpophagi
49. 2001-08-21Deeds of FleshInbreeding the Anthorpophagi
50. 2001-08-07Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
51. 2001-08-07Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
52. 2001-05-29Deeds of FleshSound of Loud reigns
53. 2001-01-09Deeds of FleshInbreeding the Anthopophagi
54. 2000-11-31Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
55. 2000-11-07Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
56. 2000-11-07Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
57. 2000-10-31Deeds of FleshLive
58. 2000-10-31Deeds of FleshLive
59. 2000-09-25Deeds of FleshFeeling Metal Through Flesh
60. 2000-08-21Deeds of FleshFeeling Metal Through Flesh
61. 2000-07-31Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
62. 2000-05-08Deeds of Fleshi die on my own terms
63. 2000-05-01Deeds of FleshSense of the Diabolic
64. 2000-04-17Deeds of FleshSummarily Killed
65. 2000-03-13Deeds of FleshSound of Loud reigns
66. 2000-02-28Deeds of FleshPath of the Weakening
67. 2000-02-14Deeds of FleshSummarily Killed
68. 2000-01-24Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
69. 2000-01-17Deeds of FleshFeeling of metal Through flesh
70. 2000-01-03Deeds of FleshFeeling Time
71. 1999-12-20Deeds of FleshGradually Melted
72. 1999-12-06Deeds of fleshCanvas of Flesh
73. 1999-10-25Deeds of fleshInfect them with Falsehood
74. 1999-08-30Deeds of FleshInfecting them with Falsehood
75. 1999-04-27Deeds of FleshUnbreeding the Anthropophagi
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