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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1122 playlist up with 47942 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-03-25Darkest HourNo Closer Than a StrangerSo Sedated, So SecureVictory Records
2. 2018-02-05Darkest HourThe Sadist NationHidden Hands of a Sadist NationVictory Records
3. 2017-07-03Darkest HourThe Patriot VirusHidden Hands of a Sadist NationVictory Records
4. 2017-04-17Darkest HourIn the Name of Us AllGodless Prophets & The Migrant FloraSouthern Lord
5. 2017-03-20Darkest HourTimeless NumbersGodless Prophets & The Migrant FloraSouthern Lord
6. 2016-06-13Darkest HourThe Sadist NationHidden Hands of a Sadist NationVictory Records
7. 2014-07-07Darkest HourThe Misinformation AgeHidden Hands of a Sadist Nationvictory
8. 2014-03-24Darkest HourEclipsethe Mark of Judasmia
9. 2013-03-18Darkest HourAn EpitaphSo Sedated, So Securevictory
10. 2011-05-09Darkest HourPurgatoryThe Human Romancee1_music
11. 2011-05-02Darkest HourViolent By NatureThe Human Romancee1_music
12. 2011-04-11Darkest HourThe World Engulfed In FlamesThe Human Romancee1_music
13. 2011-04-04Darkest HourYou Everyday DisasterThe Human Romancee1_music
14. 2011-03-28Darkest HourSavor The KillThe Human Romancee1_music
15. 2009-08-03Darkest HourBlessed InfectionThe Eternal Returnvictory
16. 2009-07-27Darkest HourBitterThe Eternal Returnvictory
17. 2009-07-20Darkest HourBlack SunThe Eternal Returnvictory
18. 2009-07-06Darkest HourNo GodThe Eternal Returnvictory
19. 2009-06-29Darkest HourThe TidesThe Eternal Returnvictory
20. 2008-03-17Darkest HourHow the Beautiful Decaythe Mark of Judasmia
21. 2007-11-05Darkest HourStand abd Receive your JudgementDeliver Usvictory
22. 2007-07-30Darkest HourSadist NationHidden Hands of a Sadist Nationvictory
23. 2007-07-09Darkest HourFire in the SkiesDeliver Usvictory
24. 2007-07-02Darkest Hourthe Light at the Edge of the WorldDeliver Usvictory
25. 2007-06-18darkest hourfull imperial collapseDeliver Usvictory
26. 2007-06-11Darkest HourSanctuaryDeliver Usvictory
27. 2007-06-04darkest hourpay phones and pills
28. 2006-10-09Darkest Hoursadist nation
29. 2006-03-20darkest hourconvalescence
30. 2006-03-06darkest hoursadist nation
31. 2006-01-23darkest hourno closer than a stranger
32. 2005-11-28darkest hourthe sadist nation
33. 2005-08-08darkest hourconvalescence
34. 2005-08-01darkest hourlow
35. 2005-07-18darkest hourwith a tousand words to say but one
36. 2005-07-11darkest hourtraquil
37. 2005-07-04darkest hourparadise
38. 2005-06-27darkest hourparadise
39. 2005-06-20darkest hourdistrict divided
40. 2005-06-13darkest hourlow
41. 2005-06-06darkest hourconvalescence
42. 2004-10-25darkest hoursadist nation
43. 2004-07-19darkest hoursadist nation
44. 2004-06-14darkest hourno closer
45. 2003-12-15darkest hourthe sadist nation
46. 2003-11-03darkest hourthe sadist nation
47. 2003-07-08Darkest HourMarching to the killing Rhythm
48. 2003-06-03Darkest Hourthe Patriot Virus
49. 2003-05-27Darkest HourHybrid
50. 2003-05-20Darkest HourSeven Day Lie
51. 2003-05-06darkest hourpay phones and pills
52. 2003-04-29Darkest HourMarching to the Killing Rhythm
53. 2002-07-30Darkest HourAn Epitaph
54. 2002-05-14Darkest HourAnother Reason
55. 2002-05-07Darkest Hourthe Hallow
56. 2002-04-30Darkest HourAn Epitaph
57. 2000-12-31Darkest HourHow the Beautiful Decay
58. 2000-12-25Darkest Hourthe Mark of Judas
59. 2000-09-12Darkest hourthe Soul of the Savior
60. 2000-08-28Darkest HourHow the Beautiful Decay
61. 2000-08-14Darkest HourFor the Sould of the Saviour
62. 2000-07-31Darkest HourThe Legacy
63. 2000-07-24Darkest HourFor the Soul of the Savior
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