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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1232 playlist up with 52343 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-05-18Dark FuneralWhen Angels Forever DieThe Secrets of the Black ArtsDeath Records
2. 2018-07-02Dark FuneralThe Trial (King Diamond)Diabolis Interium, Disc 2Necropolis Records
3. 2018-06-18Dark FuneralThe Dawn No More RisesThe Secrets of the Black ArtsDeath Records
4. 2017-08-21Dark FuneralAs I AscendWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
5. 2016-08-22Dark FuneralAs One We Shall ConquerWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
6. 2016-06-20Dark FuneralThe Eternal EclipseWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
7. 2016-06-06Dark FuneralBeast Above ManWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
8. 2015-08-17Dark FuneralSatan's MayhemThe Secrets of the Black Artsdeath
9. 2015-05-25Dark FuneralRemember the FallenDiabolis Interiumnecropolis
10. 2013-06-24Dark FuneralPagan Fears (Mayhem)Diabolis Interiumnecropolis
11. 2013-01-21Dark FuneralEnriched By EvilVobiscum Satanasno_fashion
12. 2007-01-08Dark Funeralpagan fears
13. 2006-05-08Dark Funeralthy legions come
14. 2006-02-27Dark Funeralfinal ritual
15. 2006-02-13Dark Funeralking antichrist
16. 2006-01-30Dark Funeralgodhate
17. 2006-01-23Dark Funeralgod hate
18. 2006-01-16Dark Funeral666voices inside
19. 2006-01-02Dark Funeralwhen angels forever die
20. 2004-07-05Dark Funeralan apprentice of satan
21. 2003-08-05Dark FuneralPagan Fears
22. 2002-08-06Dark FuneralDiabolis Interium
23. 2002-04-02Dark FuneralEvil Prevail
24. 2002-02-05Dark FuneralVison: Sphere of the Elements-A Monument Past II
25. 2002-01-08Dark FuneralDiablis Intarum
26. 2002-01-01Dark Funeraltrack
27. 2001-12-25Dark FuneralAn Aprentice of Satan
28. 2001-12-18Dark FuneralThe Arrival of Satan's Empire
29. 2001-11-20Dark Funeral Heart of Ice
30. 2001-11-13Dark FuneralThus I have Spoken
31. 2001-11-06Dark FuneralGoddess of Sodomy
32. 2001-05-29Dark FuneralPagan Fears
33. 2001-02-20Dark FuneralDead Skin Mask
34. 2001-01-09Dark Funeralthe Black Winged Horde
35. 2000-06-19Dark FuneralPagan Fears
36. 2000-06-05Dark FuneralPagan Fears
37. 2000-05-29Dark FuneralRemeber the fallen
38. 2000-05-22Dark FuneralPagan Fears
39. 2000-05-15Dark FuneralRemember the Fallen
40. 2000-05-08Dark FuneralPagan Fears
41. 2000-05-01Dark FuneralThe trial
42. 2000-04-24Dark FuneralAn Apprentice of Satan
43. 2000-04-17Dark FuneralAn Apprentice of Satan
44. 2000-02-28Dark Funeralthe Black Winged Horde
45. 1999-12-06Dark FuneralSecret of the Black Arts
46. 1999-08-02Dark FuneralSecrets of Black Arts
47. 1999-05-24Dark FuneralCall from the grave
48. 1999-04-06Dark FuneralThy Legions Come
49. 1999-03-22Dark FuneralSecret of the Black Arts
50. 1997-03-31Dark Funeralthe Secrets of the Black Arts
51. 1997-03-24Dark FuneralSecrets of the Black Arts
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