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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1175 playlist up with 50214 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
2. 2019-07-08Cephalic CarnageZuno GyakusastsuLucid IntervalRelapse Records
3. 2018-08-06Cephalic CarnagePseudoLucid IntervalRelapse Records
4. 2017-10-30Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmentiHalls of AmentiWillowtip Records
5. 2017-10-09Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
6. 2017-07-10Cephalic CarnageZuno GyakusastsuLucid IntervalRelapse Records
7. 2017-02-13Cephalic CarnageParalyzed by FearExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
8. 2016-10-24Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienRelapse Records
9. 2016-08-15Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
10. 2016-05-23Cephalic CarnageRegalos de MotaConforming to AbnormalityRelapse
11. 2016-05-02Cephalic CarnageAnalyticalConforming to AbnormalityRelapse
12. 2016-01-25Cephalic CarnageAbraxas of FilthMisled by CertaintyRelapse Records
13. 2015-06-29Cephalic CarnageDying will be the Death of MeAnomaliesrelapse
14. 2014-12-22Cephalic CarnageBlack Metal SabbathLucid Intervalrelapse
15. 2014-11-24Cephalic CarnagePower And ForceMisled By Certaintyrelapse
16. 2014-10-27Cephalic CarnageAnalyticalConformaing to Abnormalityrelapse
17. 2014-03-24Cephalic CarnageJesus SavesVarious Artists - Gateway To Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
18. 2014-02-17Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet EarthExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
19. 2013-11-18Cephalic CarnageJesus SaversVarious Artists - Gateway To Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
20. 2013-10-07Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet EarthExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
21. 2013-09-23Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
22. 2012-12-24Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
23. 2012-12-17Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmentiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
24. 2012-06-11Cephalic CarnageAnalyticalConformaing to Abnormalityrelapse
25. 2011-12-26Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
26. 2010-11-15Cephalic CarnageAbraxas Of FilthMisled By Certaintyrelapse
27. 2010-11-01Cephalic CarnageA King And A ThiefMisled By Certaintyrelapse
28. 2010-10-18Cephalic CarnageRaped By OrbsMisled By Certaintyrelapse
29. 2010-10-11Cephalic CarnageCordyceps HumanisMisled By Certaintyrelapse
30. 2010-10-04Cephalic CarnageAbraxas Of FilthMisled By Certaintyrelapse
31. 2010-09-27Cephalic CarnageDimensional Modulation TransmographyMisled By Certaintyrelapse
32. 2010-07-26Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmenitiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
33. 2010-07-19Cephalic CarnageBlack Metal SabbathLucid Intervalrelapse
34. 2010-05-31Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
35. 2010-03-29Cephalic CarnageBlack Metal SabbathLucid Intervalrelapse
36. 2009-08-24Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
37. 2008-09-15Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
38. 2008-02-25Cephalic CarnageCounting the DaysAnomaliesrelapse
39. 2008-02-18Cephalic CarnageDying will be the Death of MeAnomaliesrelapse
40. 2008-01-28Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidiumExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
41. 2007-12-31Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmenitiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
42. 2007-10-29Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienrelapse
43. 2007-10-01Cephalic Carnagethe Isle of CaliforniaLucid Intervalrelapse
44. 2007-09-10Cephalic CarnageDivination and VolitionXenosapienrelapse
45. 2007-09-03Cephalic Carnagethe Omega PointXenosapienrelapse
46. 2007-08-27Cephalic CarnageVaporizedXenosapienrelapse
47. 2007-08-06Cephalic CarnageMoltingAnomaliesrelapse
48. 2007-07-23Cephalic CarnageLet them hate so long as they fearAnomaliesrelapse
49. 2007-07-09Cephalic CarnageTouched by an AngelXenosapienrelapse
50. 2007-07-02Cephalic CarnageHeptarchyXenosapienrelapse
51. 2007-06-18Cephalic CarnageEndless cycle of violenceXenosapienrelapse
52. 2007-06-11Cephalic CarnageG.lobal O.verhal D.eviceXenosapienrelapse
53. 2007-06-04Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienrelapse
54. 2007-05-28Cephalic Carnagethe Omega PointXenosapienrelapse
55. 2007-05-21Cephalic CarnageTouched by an AngelXenosapienrelapse
56. 2007-05-14Cephalic CarnageLet them hate so long as they fearAnomaliesrelapse
57. 2007-05-07Cephalic CarnageMoltingAnomaliesrelapse
58. 2007-02-05Cephalic Carnagescientific remote viewing
59. 2007-01-08Cephalic CarnagehybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
60. 2006-05-08Cephalic Carnagethe Isle of California
61. 2006-04-24Cephalic CarnageCounting the Days
62. 2006-04-17Cephalic Carnagedying will be the death of meAnomaliesrelapse
63. 2006-02-20Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
64. 2006-01-02Cephalic Carnageeradicate authority
65. 2005-12-26Cephalic CarnageDying will be the Death of MeAnomaliesrelapse
66. 2005-10-31Cephalic Carnagepseudo
67. 2005-09-12Cephalic Carnagehalls of amenitiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
68. 2005-09-05Cephalic Carnagerehab
69. 2005-08-22Cephalic CarnagehybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
70. 2005-08-08Cephalic Carnagescolopendra cingulata
71. 2005-06-13Cephalic Carnagecryptosporidium
72. 2005-06-06Cephalic Carnagescientific remote viewing
73. 2005-05-23Cephalic Carnagedying will be the death of meAnomaliesrelapse
74. 2005-05-16Cephalic Carnageinside is out
75. 2005-05-09Cephalic Carnageenviovore
76. 2005-05-02Cephalic Carnagewrath
77. 2005-04-25Cephalic Carnage
78. 2005-04-25Cephalic CarnageHalls of AmenitiHalls of Amentiwillowtip
79. 2005-04-11Cephalic Carnagedying will be the death of meAnomaliesrelapse
80. 2005-03-28Cephalic CarnageCounting the Days
81. 2005-03-21Cephalic CarnageCounting the Days
82. 2005-03-07Cephalic Carnagedying will be the death of meAnomaliesrelapse
83. 2005-01-01Cephalic Carnageblack metal sabbath
84. 2004-12-27Cephalic Carnagepseudo
85. 2004-11-29Cephalic Carnagerebellion
86. 2004-11-22Cephalic Carnagethe Isle of California
87. 2004-11-15Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
88. 2004-10-25Cephalic Carnageblack metal sabbath
89. 2004-09-27Cephalic Carnagecryptosporidium
90. 2004-09-20Cephalic Carnagerehab
91. 2004-09-13Cephalic Carnage#6
92. 2004-08-23Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
93. 2004-08-02Cephalic Carnagewither
94. 2004-07-12Cephalic Carnagerehab
95. 2004-06-21Cephalic Carnagecryptosporidium
96. 2004-06-07Cephalic Carnagebserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
97. 2004-05-17Cephalic Carnageblack metal sabbath
98. 2004-05-03Cephalic Carnagethe Isle of California
99. 2004-03-22Cephalic Carnageanalytical
100. 2004-03-08Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
101. 2004-02-23Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
102. 2004-02-09Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
103. 2004-02-02Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
104. 2004-01-26Cephalic Carnageeradicate authority
105. 2003-10-20Cephalic Carnageregalos de mota
106. 2003-10-05Cephalic Carnagelucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
107. 2003-08-26Cephalic Carnagelucid intervalLucid Intervalrelapse
108. 2003-05-27Cephalic Carnage#1 live
109. 2003-04-01Cephalic CarnageRegalos de Mota
110. 2003-03-18Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
111. 2003-01-21Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
112. 2002-12-24Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
113. 2002-12-17Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
114. 2002-12-10Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
115. 2002-12-01Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
116. 2002-11-26Cephalic CarnageDoom metal track
117. 2002-11-12Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
118. 2002-10-29Cephalic Carnagefortuitous
119. 2002-10-22Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
120. 2002-10-15Cephalic CarnageBlack Metal Sabbath
121. 2002-10-08Cephalic CarnageImplosion of Eternity
122. 2002-10-01Cephalic CarnageAthro Emsis
123. 2002-09-24Cephalic CarnageReballion
124. 2002-09-17Cephalic Carnagethe Isle of California
125. 2002-09-10Cephalic CarnageRedundant
126. 2002-09-03Cephalic CarnageRebellion
127. 2002-08-27Cephalic CarnageLucid IntervalLucid Intervalrelapse
128. 2002-08-20Cephalic CarnageAnthro Emesis
129. 2002-08-06Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
130. 2002-07-23Cephalic CarnageEradicate Authority
131. 2002-05-28Cephalic CarnageJihad
132. 2002-05-21Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
133. 2002-05-07Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
134. 2001-12-18Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
135. 2001-12-11Cephalic CarnageParalyzed by Fear
136. 2001-11-06Cephalic CarnageEradicat authority
137. 2001-10-16Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
138. 2001-10-09Cephalic CarnageRegalos de mota
139. 2001-10-02Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
140. 2001-08-07Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
141. 2001-08-07Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
142. 2001-07-31Cephalic CarnageAnechoic Chamber
143. 2001-07-31Cephalic CarnageAnechoic Chamber
144. 2001-07-24Cephalic CarnagePostmark my compass
145. 2001-07-24Cephalic CarnagePostmark my compass
146. 2001-07-17Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
147. 2001-07-11Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
148. 2001-06-19Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
149. 2001-06-05Cephalic CarnageEradicate Authority
150. 2001-05-22Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
151. 2001-05-08Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
152. 2001-03-13Cephalic CarnageRegalos de mota
153. 2001-02-27Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
154. 2001-02-20Cephalic CarnageHybrid
155. 2000-12-25Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
156. 2000-12-05Cephalic CarnageInvertus Indica (the Marijuana Convictions)
157. 2000-11-28Cephalic CarnageJesus Saves (live)
158. 2000-11-07Cephalic Carnageregalos de Mota
159. 2000-11-07Cephalic Carnageregalos de Mota
160. 2000-10-10Cephalic CarnageLive #1 (middle East)
161. 2000-10-10Cephalic CarnageLive #1 (middle East)
162. 2000-09-04Cephalic CarnageJesus SAves
163. 2000-08-07Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
164. 2000-07-31Cephalic CarnageJesus Savers
165. 2000-07-24Cephalic CarnageInvertus indica (the marijuana convictions)
166. 2000-07-17Cephalic CarnageExtreme of Paranoia
167. 2000-07-17Cephalic CarnageExtreme of Paranoia
168. 2000-06-26Cephalic CarnageEradicate Authority
169. 2000-06-19Cephalic CarnageRegalos de Mota
170. 2000-06-12Cephalic CarnageOaralyzed by Fear
171. 2000-06-05Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
172. 2000-05-29Cephalic CarnageInvertus Indical (the Marijuana Convitions)
173. 2000-05-22Cephalic Carnage9' of smoke
174. 2000-05-15Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
175. 2000-05-08Cephalic CarnageRehab
176. 2000-05-01Cephalic CarnageRegalos de mota
177. 2000-04-17Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
178. 2000-03-20Cephalic CarnageRegalos De Mota
179. 2000-02-21Cephalic CarnageJihad
180. 2000-02-14Cephalic CarnageRegalos de Mota
181. 2000-02-07Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
182. 2000-01-24Cephalic CarnageJihad
183. 2000-01-17Cephalic CarnageWaiting for the Millenium
184. 2000-01-10Cephalic CarnageAnalytical
185. 1999-12-27Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidium
186. 1999-12-20Cephalic Carnagetrack
187. 1999-11-01Cephalic CarnageCryptosporidium
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